More Doing, less watching

It has been far too long since I wrote here last.  And far too many years spent not enjoying something I claim to like as a pass time; reading.

So, with a notification yesterday from MLB TV of how my subscription would renew soon, I found myself at a bit of a fork in the road.  While it was geeky-cool to have games to watch on devices and living room TV, looking back of 2013, a fair amount of time was spent just watching.  Not doing.

And at least at this point, “doing” is something I associate with reading.  Be it fiction or non, the mind is more engaged, enriched, from the effort used when reading.  Yes, there is not a lot physical activity, so it may not seem like “doing”.  But compared to watching three hours of a baseball game versus having read for a similar amount of time…?

So, the MLB subscription has been cancelled.  I’m going to retain access to the NHL, I’m a bit too much of new fan to abandon that just yet, since this is a full season after last year’s strike-shortened version.

Books-wise, I certainly have plenty in printed form on the shelves already.  A pile on the Kindle.  More in wishlists.  Between this backlog, and some social media-based lists and clubs, I should have plenty for reading.

Crash Course, Literature.

Vaginal Fantasy  (Goodreads)

Sword and Laser (site has a link to their forum on Goodreads)

Hopefully, there will be more activity from my Read shelf in Goodreads for this year…

What thing you like to do, have you let fall to the wayside?  And what needs to be changed to enable getting back to that thing?


~ by Neal Cross on February 15, 2014.

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