Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Writing.  I claim I like to read what others do with it.  I claim I enjoy expressing myself with it.  And yet, here is my first post to this blog for the year 2012.  The pile of Books I Want To Read has grown mildly, with me doing next to nothing in reading to make the pile shrink.  During Halloween evening, it occurred to me that another chance to participate in National Novel Writing Month was upon me.  So hey why not, let’s write a novel this month, I decided.

Seemed like a good idea at the time…

Now, it is the morning of November 2nd 2012.  And I’m starting to wonder about my claims.  Surrounded by good books, I don’t read.  Electronic or printed.  Too tired, too distracted, are my typical reasoning’s.  Do I really want to write a novel?  Do I just start writing out words?  Should I outline a story idea?  What is/are my story idea(s)?

And of course, the OK Go song of this same title, plays loudly in the theater of my mind so far as I attempt to write this, whatever this is.

So, what this is, is… a public deceleration that some writing will be done this month.  And reading.  Time should be available to the best of my knowledge (and I admit to wishing I could know exactly what the future would bring and when on some things right now… smells like another blog post topic).  I can make some other choices which should ensure such resources and time are even more likely to be available.

I doubt the results will be a 50k word novel… But there will be something.

So, now to the rest of this day off from work.  For both the tasks I had in mind before today arrived, and to also discover what today will bring.


~ by Neal Cross on November 2, 2012.

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