What’s Going On

October 4th 2010 to March 24th 2011.  Much happened before this stretch of time.  Even more has happened during.  October 3rd was the day everything changed.  A marriage of 21 years effectively ended.  I’m still not sure how I went ahead with attending a conference the next day on the 4th.  One of the obvious effects at that time, I already wrote about; suddenly I could not stand or bear to listen to any music.  That passed, with a bit of time.

October was trying to see if the marriage could be righted.  November was figuring how to split things up.  December was filing and waiting.  Early January, the divorce was approved.

As if that was not enough change to deal with, just a few days later, in the second day of online classes, we get an announcement e-mail.  The class I’ve taught for over two years, the first online teaching gig I got after earning my masters degree, is being dropped from the curriculum.  Corporate downsizing, in an academic setting.  We (many more teachers in full and part time capacities) were at least given a fair amount of time.  Eleven weeks, two classes in two remaining sessions.  I started looking for replacement teaching work.  While there was good news from another college that they wanted to start teaching a class I’ve done each semester with me teaching it, this would not be enough to replace the income I would be losing.

Earlier this month, I got word of being accepted to teach for a near-by college.  I have hopes this will turn out to be as good if not better.  Teaching three classes and searching/applying for new teaching classes has been a strain on top of more strains.  April should be a time to get a break from the routine, prepare for the new teaching.  I’ve been trying to prepare for the transition time.

All of that to say, it’s been hard to find the time to blog.  Or, I’ve had concerns about what I would write, when I found the time.  I’ve gone out of my way with this post, to try to stick to facts.  To attend to the idea that if I cannot say anything nice, to not say anything at all.  A friend advised me that there is life after divorce.  I can confirm that advice is true.  There have been good days and bad since early October.  There will be a mix like that in the next six months.  Such is Life.  And I am looking forward to discovering what the newer world before me will reveal.


~ by Neal Cross on March 24, 2011.

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  1. U r n my prayers. Keep on keepin on.

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