The Day the Music Died

I’ve actually wanted to post on the topic of Music, what I like about it, how it affects.  Or even finally do a fairly techno-geek post, about getting to use a new Kindle and how great of an experience that has been for the past few weeks.  Instead, just a brief note, to make sure I am not getting out of the weekly blogging habit.

Due to recent events, I’ve not wanted to even listen to anything musical, for 24 hours plus.  Which is extremely rare for me.  Today’s 1.5 hour car trip to attend a conference (turned into 2 hours due to my taking a needless detour), was done in silence, beyond engine and tire noise.  Granted, it let my mind think of things, needing consideration.  But as I write this, I’m fairly sure the drive back will be done in the same stoic silence.

I would be wildly surprised if the need or want to listen to good tunes will not return, at least some time in the not-to-distant future.  But some songs, may never be played again.


~ by Neal Cross on October 4, 2010.

One Response to “The Day the Music Died”

  1. To go without music would be to go without air for me, and I feel you are much the same as we share many likes regarding music. I find that when I am struggling with where I am in my life, that I don’t do without the music, I just find the “right” music for the occasion. Vixen doesn’t always fit. Sometimes a little light opera or symphonic music does the trick. Silence is not always golden. Hope you will be listening again very soon.

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