Out of the frying pan?

It is a few days before the Tuesday deadline for the nerdthunderdomers, but I’ve found a nice moment where I’d better get back into the blogging habit.  I think I mentioned last time I would report my survival of teaching four online classes at once.  Well, that report was delayed, but as you can read, here I am.

The fourth class, an SBU ITL program course, turned out quite well.  The conversion from a two-week computer lab to three weeks fully online was well worth the effort.  If I had to pick, I’d teach it online again.  And the students will appreciated not having to be on campus from hours away to attend.  So I hope this great teaching opportunity will be mine again in Summer 2011.

Information Design with ESC rolls along nicely.  I’ve been offered and accepted to help with a redesign effort during the Fall, and have informally been offered to teach it again come January 2011.  Very fun and exciting stuff, I’m still constantly seeing things from an Information Design perspective.

And I am back in the swing of things with two Computer Literacy classes for Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division.  We just finished the Excel week, so the roller coaster will start speeding towards the end of this session and another will start the next day after it ends.  Which leads me to the title for this post.

July 2010 was the best of times and worst of times, to borrow from Dickens.  There was the class load I’m going to try my best to avoid doing ever again.  Concerns with family members health and re-arranging our lives to assist.  Some incredibly wonderful times of pure bliss and joy.  Times of wondering how I was going to make it, just to the next day, without snapping like a twig.  Trying to figure out what I did wrong this time.  Highs and lows.  In other words, really, just another month, week, day in the life of anybody, really.  Am I right about that, folks, dear readers?

August has, for many years, been one of those best and worst times months for me.  It is my wedding anniversary month, a continual best time.  It is the Month of Madness as my university awakens from a summer slumber and prepares to start another Fall semester.  Many of the things I am involved with right now will keep right on trucking through that time of madness.  So, my initial thought was, before starting to write this, “OK, great, you are getting out of the frying pan of July, only to step into the fire of August.”

Now, such thoughts seem like a rather first world problem to have?  Life, overall, really is pretty good.  I enjoy what I do for a living, have a great wife and two fantastic daughters.  I have a great family, quality friends and solid colleagues.  I’ve got slightly selfish plans to get a reasonably game-capable laptop and a copy of StarCraft II during this month (a reward for a long stretch of efforts to do what was needed by others, for others, day in and day out).  And lately, for a lot of areas within me, I think I’m doing better.  Improving.  Finding out that I just might be a pretty cool person after all, yet humbly knowing one had best stay humble about your own self.

August may be a hot month, but I am looking forward to seeing what the fire will burn away and reveal.  No doubt mistakes will be made, hopefully new ones learned from and never repeated.  Times of delight, times of woe, and in the balance between, will be the life worth leading.


~ by Neal Cross on August 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Out of the frying pan?”

  1. Man, I’m gonna have to horf a can of frosting aren’t I?

  2. Jess, I have to admit, I am not entirely sure why you would have to horf a can of frosting? Wait, have you not been blogging? What team are you anyway?

  3. Team ice cream, I hate frosting, and I’m a terrible blogger even when challenged, therefore I will likely end up horfing a can of ice cream at the end of this because everyone else will have beaten me senseless with their blogging mastery. *harumph* 🙂 🙂

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