Lest I Miss Two Weeks Straight

Honestly, it is not that I am lacking for topics, ideas, thoughts to share out loud.  In fact, on the morning of June 29th, I had all manner of great ideas.  Sadly, they all came flooding out, while showering.  Which gave me the idea of keeping a grease pencil in the shower, to jot down such things on the walls, lest they be forgotten.

But I woke up Wednesday the 30th, realizing what it was I kept thinking I was forgetting to do on that Tuesday; write a blog post.  More ideas since then, but the same issues have interfered.  In addition to new distractions, such as the failing health of my father-in-law.  We’ve spent a lot of timing driving back and forth, spending each day with him.  Time visiting with friends and family.

Tonight has been about making sure I am getting new classes ready to go.  Two CPU101 class setups due Thursday, a similar deadline for a SBU class I’ll start teaching at the same time those classes begin.  All while at the just-past-middle part of the ESC Information Design class I am teaching (and have a great time doing so).  I started to get sleepy, far too much too soon, so some Pandora-supplied tunes have helped propel me to this point.

With an hour left on the deadline day, I started writing what you are now reading.  And it sure feels good to get back to this place.  None of this is great or profound stuff.  But keeping the habit refreshed is probably more the point.  A week from now is going to be an insane time for me to keep the weekly #nerdthunderdome pledge.  And who know’s what surprises are in store between now and then anyway?

All I can offer is a daily attempt to do my best, if not do better than yesterday.  So here’s to another post before the 13th of July 2010.


~ by Neal Cross on July 6, 2010.

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