Board Games

I have always like to play games, particularly board games.  The type of thing that requires several people to gather around a table, and socially interact.  This can anything as simple as Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble, to something as complicated as Star Fleet Battles.  The hours spent just in picking ships to fight with, were overwhelmed by arguing over the rules.

While some of the fun can involve arguing over and bending the rules of the game, it easily spoils the fun of the game itself.  Keeping track of turns, stages, what can happen when, can be distracting compared to just reacting and making the best move you can in that moment.

In the past few years, board game favorites are showing up as virtual versions.  Facebook has Scrabble, which takes care of that whole “how can that be a word?” problem of this game.  Scoring is shown before making the play final.  Settlers of Catan is a really great board game, featuring a board or map which is never the same twice.  Since playing Settler in person for years, I have also played a version of it in Second Life, and on the Xbox 360.

Magic the Gathering, a simple game to play, card based, with part of the appealing being to buy, collect, trade the cards.  Since then, a PC version, and an Xbox 360 method of play.  Carcassonne is a fun yet simple board game, another of the type where the map/board is never the same twice.  And has an Xbox 360 version.

While these games, in an electronic form, will allow for playing a favorite game with any number of computerized opponents, that is not the main appeal.  Sure, it is nice to get some practice, at a time when you can play.  But playing against other human opponents, either strangers or folks you know, makes for the best game play.  So games and technology makes for the best combination, of human interaction while taking care of the tidbits and rules.

What games do you like to play?  And when shall we play it?


~ by Neal Cross on June 22, 2010.

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