In a Fog

My mind is a blur of topics this week, so hopefully I can make something coherent?

Moving past a starting apology, the Information Design class I am teaching just got done looking at Words.  Being able to convey the message needed by your audience often requires words more than anything else. A tool available to any one writing the information is the Fog Index:

Time and Gumption permitting, I’ll go back through any and all of my posts so far, and report back the results, perhaps as soon as next week.

For a Monty Python-style, “and now for something, completely different…”; a question with some pondering statements, in a Thoughts Out Loud style:

Does building something require blowing something up?

Can we view life as a collection of Lego blocks, where each person gets a limited supply (some more supplied than others). We can building something cool, maybe even share some blocks with others in a collaborative effort.  But at some point, do we face the choice of staying with what we built, or taking it apart to get the resources needed to build something else?  Does this explain why life has times of triumph, sensations of boredom, periods of strife and rebuilding?


~ by Neal Cross on June 15, 2010.

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