I can see clearly now

It began back in the early 1990s.  While walking around the campus of UMR, I would notice that the names on distant buildings seem to be blurred.  Closing one eye and then the other, the left seemed fine, and the right eye had the fuzzy appearance.  Graduated from UMR, moved to Bolivar, and found myself working in an order department, staring at a terminal screen all day long.  The headaches and eye fatigue started to kick in, so I went to a local eye doctor, and received a diagnosis of astigmatism, for the right eye only. Soon after, I had my first pair of glasses.

I had those glasses quite a long time.  To say I got my money’s worth is probably an understatement.  They got to be about the same age as my oldest daughter, fifteen years.  I saw quite a lot with those glasses.  All of the Life Things I witnessed directly, along with seeing new events, from OJ Simpson and the Oklahoma City Bombing, through 9/11 and recent events.  Until a fateful night in March, when I had made a trip to Kansas City to get the wife and kids, and took the glasses off during the drive.  For whatever reason, I tossed them into the shotgun seat, then forgot to put them back on after I got there.  Later that evening, Betsey got in the car, and wham-o. Bent glasses.

While irritated with myself for being so absent-minded, we were both amused to think back to a similar glasses-breaking incident many years before that.  The summer before our senior year in high school is when we meet.  While in the early stages of dating, I left my pair of Coolest Sunglasses Ever on the far side of the pickup truck bench seat.  Betsey proceed to sit on and break them.  I was disappointed, and I would still be wearing those sunglasses today, if I could.  Seriously, the Coolest. Sunglasses. Ever.

While I thought I could tough it out for a while, Betsey insisted on making an appointment with the same eye doctor.  Times have changed that experience; first he had a small office on the square, with himself and maybe one or two assistants.  Now, at his third location, with a massive amount of space, rooms full of eye diagnostic machines, and a platoon of support staff, I am run through a battery of tests, told my left eye will now need a small bit of correction to go with a slightly stronger correction than before on my right eye, and pick out frames to hold the new lenses.

Just under a week later, I arrive at the office to have the fitting, and leave with new glasses on my face.  My first few steps outside are awkward, as I get use to seeing myself walk with great clarity.  It was like the ground was there sooner than I expected.  That passed pretty quick, and I can see how the new specs are helping with the computer screen I am looking at right now to make this post.

This story is just one of several events which have me wondering lately, how well am I doing at seeing things clearly.  And am I relying too much on seeing things with only my own eyes?  My beloved Betsey recently demonstrated to me how a second set of eyes can make a mountain of a problem into a molehill that can be coped with.

And this evening, my wife and daughters keep telling me I look like Daniel Jackson, from the Stargate SG1 TV show.  Not a bad side effect to have while enjoying improved sight.


~ by Neal Cross on April 20, 2010.

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