We are nearing the end of the Birthday Month for the Cross family.  My wife kicks things off in early March, then our two kids, with me closing things out in early April.  As a combination party fun idea, both of our daughters wanted to have a party event in a nearby bigger city, so they could have a couple of hours to use an ice skating rink, with pizza to eat afterward, followed with a gaming session at a nearby, downtown coffee shop.  Prices were checked, friends contacted, final plans made.

Many of those who could attend needed to have a ride.  Enough that our car was not enough.  And scattered over a wide area before we’d all gather at the ice skating rink.  My part of the adventure involved such a driving and searching effort, I pondered making something with Google Earth so you could follow along.  In the interest of time and effort savings, instead I’ll just say Saturday involved my driving from Bolivar to Stockton, then out in the Stockton country side to borrow a vehicle from my folks.  Back to Bolivar in that vehicle, picked up one of our two friends while the youngest daughter rode with me.  Then, the real adventure to find the other friend.

This meant a drive to Buffalo from Bolivar, then traveling up and down Highway K east of Buffalo looking for the second friend before going to Springfield and the ice skating rink.  The directions given by the friend, and remembered by my youngest, ended up being… not enough.  A search of the parent names, while parked in the Middle of Nowhere, yielded a road name to look for, and when we finally found ourselves at the right place, we were told that friend was not back yet from some other location.  Being late, we had to move on.

I normally would have been pretty frustrated, but did at least better than average.  We got there in time for the two kids riding with me to have some skating.  We moved from the rink to the coffee shop without too much drama, and the kids were having a great time.  But then it was time to go home.

For this story, going home means leaving Springfield and traveling north on Highway 13 to Bolivar.  It was getting near sunset, and cloudy/rainy as it had been most of the day.  A few miles out of Springfield, we experienced the sun bursting out of the clouds to our left, while driving further and further into a heavy rain, with a mild amount of storming (mild wind, distant lightning ahead).  And that’s when we noticed it, to the right.

A rainbow.

Not just a mild peek at a small part; the full bow, even powerful enough to see two of them, the dimmer along with the first and strongest.  I happened to have our youngest child on board, who is quite the good photographer with a nice camera.  She took quite a few pictures, one of which was posted on Facebook.

{Note, I have uploaded the picture file to WordPress, but I cannot seem to figure out how it can be shown right here.  Again, this seems to be harder than it should be, just like last week’s attempts to used embedded videos.}

rainbow on Hwy13 just south of Brighton

For this shot, the road turns a bit eastward, so we found ourselves driving right for the left-side leg of the rainbow.  I could not help but think, “OK, I’ve got to keep an eye out for the pot of gold, would hate to run into it.”  But, as we neared the corner to turn back towards the north, it became clear the rainbow would always stay out and ahead of us.

They got to watch the rainbow all the rest of the way back to Bolivar. It made a very cool day even more so.  It’s a memory I keep thinking of every day since then.


~ by Neal Cross on March 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rainbows”

  1. What a great moment to share with your family. Everyone needs to remember to stop and take in the beauty of mother nature on a regular basis.

  2. It was a great end to a great day. From my position in the car behind you, it looked like you guys WERE the pot of gold! 😛

  3. There’s something about that sort of a surprise that just makes the day seem better. Always. 🙂 And happy birthdays to all of you!

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