A Tale of Woe and Frustration?

I’m finally going to write about a topic I’ve had in mind, since the start of Nerd Thunderdome.  The following project is not where I would want it to be *before* writing about it, but this might help me to find out if it is even worth pursuing any farther.

Back in January, I gave the leading presentation for our Faculty Workshop, held a few days before the start of the Spring semester.  Before I list embeds and links for the content, let me thank @intellagirl, @micala, @davideisert,and @kd0imh for the tweets I used in the presentation, and for providing some of the content I used.

Slideshare link

Windows Media streaming video

Now, the Good News; there was good discussions towards the end, many faculty went back to change their syllabi, and allow use of laptop with expectations, instead of just outright bans.  My wife went from being blocked at using her netbook for most Fall 2009 classes, to having no issues with using it for Spring 2010 classes.  This was not just about helping her, but all Bolivar campus undergraduates to have the ability to use computers in the classrooms.  And not face potential destruction of their property (thanks to @davideisert for this reminder tweet):

YouTube Clip

On to the Woes and Frustrations; even though I had been pondering what to say and how to say it via presentation for more than a month, I ended up not having time and gumption available until day before and of. I was literally trying to finish the file 10 minutes before I needed to get setup.  Not quite the day before, to then check for details and practice as I had hoped for.

There were some content problems; as noted on slide 24, I did not find the exact Hardees commercial I wanted to use.  I did contact @hardees who was kind enough to make sure this commercial:

Hardees on YouTube

was posted to the Hardees YouTube channel just a few days later.  The challenge made, shown on slide 27, involved showing this commercial:

Commercial on YouTube

I gave a sizable disclaimer (shown in the video) due to working/speaking at a Southern Baptist liberal arts university.  And perhaps that was a small part of getting the lowest ranking for all the speakers during the workshop.  Granted, I was first and the only for that time, so I had a larger sample, while speaking of a challenging-to-the-audience topic. My ranking was still favorable.  Just lowest of all.

I’d me remiss to not mention how @kd0imh did pay me one dollar after I was done.

The real woe/frustration has been what to do with the results; the video/audio recordings were all done with Flip cameras.  I’ve wanted to convert what I did into a Prezi instead, as a way to try out my new EDU account.  I would have much rather figured out a way to have (good) audio only for this Prezi redo.  And then there will be all the other presentations given, trying to get those posted in some public manner to share with those unable (or unwilling since it was voluntary; even so, good numbers considering) to attend.  The video/audio from the Flip leaves much to be desired, and at 41 minutes, was not going to be YouTube-able without taking more time and effort before going home to write this up.

I was recently able to witness @stevier give her talk to a gathering about keeping learning content outside of the LMS (in her case, like mine, ANGEL).  Just one of many great examples, of how higher education folks go out of their way to share as much as possible with as many which can be reached. This is, in a word, Awesome.  So I’ve been torn between wanting to share this, and thinking it’s not worth the effort.  To say I don’t like to speak publicly is a colossal understatement.   So maybe this can at least provide a cautionary tale?  Kind of like the Boombox song?

I would like to elaborate further, but I’m wrapping up day 4 of this cold, and I’ve done about all I can for one day. Thank you, and good night.

P.S. This blog would not let me embed *ANYTHING*!  What am I doing wrong, or are my expectations unreasonable?  Going back to add things as just links.  That will work, right WordPress?


~ by Neal Cross on March 23, 2010.

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  1. I can’t embed on WordPress either. Only the one I host myself, not the free hosted.

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