It has been quite a week since my last post.  Granted, this might be the blogging equivalent of starting a story with “it was a dark and stormy night”.  I have a sizable list of topics and ideas I had planned to utilize.  Some of those things may make a small appearance in the next few sentences.

But it has been a rough stretch, without having a big obvious reason why to point to.  We’ve started our month-long run of birthdays from my wife, to the kids, to mine.  It’s one of those Big Birthday Ages for @countingmytoes and me.  So it is a time of observed change, and change can be upsetting/unsettling.

The usual lows of life, concerns and problems, struggles and trials, have had a strong run in the past week.  There has been some nice high points as well.  Some of those have involved Twitter, be it the evening of March 9th with quoting song lyrics, or just watching the flow of Twitter for much of the day on the 10th, and catching some great snippets of goodness.  I probably would have written this sooner in the evening, but Letterman was tweeting for the first time himself on his show tonight:

And, my beloved had ideas to share, questions to ask, so we both enjoyed being able to have our usual great and wonderful conversations.  Just one of many, countless reasons I said a few days ago:

“Happy Birthday, @countingmytoes ! Since meeting you, I’ve considered this day in the year to be better than all of the holidays combined!” –

I am very thankful for her grace and kindness. She makes sure I see the bigger picture, looks at things from a different, or better,  perspective.  She puts a smile on my face and in my heart. For her being in my life, I am Thankful.


~ by Neal Cross on March 16, 2010.

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