What does the intertubes do for me?

In looking back over the week since my first #nerdthunderdome post, there are any number of directions to go and topics to cover.  On Monday the 8th, I just happened to watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson for the first time in (sadly) a while.  I’ve always liked his humor, the theme song for the show, etc.  And if you like reading a very good work of fiction, do read his book, Between the Bridge and the River.  It is cheeky, much like the author would seem to be on TV, but the book gave me one of those great, can’t-stop-reading-this-until-I-am-done experiences which I always greatly enjoy.

Anyway, he kicked off the show talking about how he was getting into Twitter, as of right then and there.  He mentioned what his Twitter name was, and I started following as soon as I could, with around 2000 followers.  As I write this, he’s up to 86,000 plus followers, lovingly referred to as his “robot skeleton army both in Twitter and on TV.   It has been fun to read his humor, watch as he figures out some how-to details and so forth.  All from my happening to be in the right place at the right time to watch a celebrity get into twitter.

Later in the same week, early on a Saturday morning, as I started to work on my CPU101 classes, Intellagirl mentioned a recommended book.  In looking at the Amazon.com link for the “Learning in 3D” book, I noticed towards the bottom, in the Listmania! section, this link to a set of Favorite EdTech books:

Jil Wright’s Favorite EdTech books

Not only had I just found out about one great book, but also many more on EdTech topics.  Normally, I would have started gathering ISBN numbers and checking the university inter-library loan system to see what if any of these I could get access to.  But there I was, needing to get started on CPU101 classes, and I could see a stack of inter-library loaned books already sitting on my desk.  Heading down this trail of negativity, I thought to myself, “sure, this is a fun exercise, getting books via the library with the goal of reading them and learning something new.  But you’ve been doing this kind of thing for quite some time now.  You know you’ll be frustrated by not having the time and/or gumption to read them, let alone implement anything you read about.”

From this point, I worked on three classes for several hours in a row, with a brief break in the middle for the normal trip to Stockton, then back to more work on the classes, before calling it a day.  But I did find myself pondering several big questions during and since.  While I like the information, diversions and interactions from Internet-based sources like Twitter (and other sources), are such multi-tasking efforts needed distractions, or time sinks which causes me to have longer stretches for getting things done?  Am I doing what I like?  What I am best at?  Are my likes and best-ats completely seperated things, or do they at least overlap?

I admit being concerned about finding out the answers for some of these, presuming I could even achieve such understanding on my own.  I probably need the perspective of others, in addition to time.  Balance is most likely the proper place to be, but what does that look like?  I’ve lived long enough to think that such a balance in life is not matter of finding a quiet place to rest, rather it is an active exercise in asking, sensing and adjusting.

Is it a natural job hazard for a techno-geek, using something like the Internet (not a truck, but a series of tubes, after all) for entertainment (woo hoo for Hulu and Netflix), infotainment, education, and work, never quite sure when one aspect ends and another begins?  Perhaps part of the wonder in wondering about all of this is how I may never fully know or comprehend why I happen to be in the right place at the right time to experience something?

Turns out many of the topics and ideas I jotted down on this same Saturday above,  is what makes up much of this post.  Maybe I multitasked my way through on what I needed to do (earn a living) and wanted to do (blog my Thoughts Out Loud)?


~ by Neal Cross on February 16, 2010.

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