Two Bloggers Enter, One Blogger Leaves

I started the 2010 year with the idea of making some daily notes, towards the goal of a weekly-at-least blog.  I had blogged off and on with a work-related blog for some time, and micro-blogged with Twitter.  I’ve wanted to write more, and it seemed time to try to make sure I was writing things in a setting larger than 140 character chunks.

So this blog will involve what is near and dear to me, things such as Books, Music, Games, Education, Technology, Relationships, Philosophy, etc.  This idea seemed like enough to get going, I made an account with WordPress.  Then the holiday break from SBU ended, my online teaching ramped back up, with taking on a third class to help cover for my mentor’s maternity leave, etc.  Life Happened.  I felt rather frustrated about letting this weekly blogging idea get away from me.

David Eisert and I have expressed a similar desire to blog more in times past, and then just a few days ago, he mentioned this.  We started encouraging (and taunting?) each other, and others joined in.  The quick summation?  We blog weekly by Tuesdays, those who fail to do so have to eat their declared least-favorite (dare I say hated?) dessert while recording video for all others to see.  So we have team names such as #teampie and #teamcake, and due to having fun with the idea of Thunderdome from the Mad Max movie, a way to refer to all of this.


Hence my title for this post, but no worries, I don’t think anyone will have to die.  Right?

So, I feel fortunate and blessed to have been caught up in this cool idea with some really cool people.  I will not have to eat cake as punishment for this week, at least.  (full disclosure: I pretty much like any and all major desserts; ice cream, cookies, cake and pie.  But Pie, oh yes, Pie is Awesome.  Go #teampie!)  And I am looking forward to finding out what I’ll blog about next week.


~ by Neal Cross on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “Two Bloggers Enter, One Blogger Leaves”

  1. Post one, and done, teammate! 🙂 #teampie RULES!!!! Go Master Blaster!

    Love, Auntie Entity

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